Our goal is to enable businesses and consumers to pay for a premium Internet experience and to do so easily across multiple Internet Service Providers globally.

What is IQToken?

Businesses and consumers would like to pay for priority traffic on the Internet and ISP’s would like to see increased revenue for providing prioritzation of traffic. IQToken will enable both.

Our team is a diverse group of crypto enthusiasts including network engineering, sales, finance, legal and programming backgrounds. Most of us have been designing and deploying networks for all of our careers. We strongly believe that blockchain technology will be the next disruptive force in the industry.

Improved Service

Internet service providers want a method of charging customers for preferential treatment across their network.

Limit Congestion

Business’s require their traffic to be treated preferentially because there are times of congestion on the Internet.

Improve the System

The Internet as it exists today is best effort, however, the technology exists to prioritize certain traffic over others.

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